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Flute Colors Method

Do you really know what to reach for when playing the flute?

You might not know all the possibilities of your instrument. If you don't know what you can accomplish and how to get the best results, you might end up with:

  • Facing the same problems over and over again;
  • Being given the cold shoulder by the conductor or other orchestra members;
  • Not knowing that you're able to play even better;

Working with extended techniques challenges you to push up against your flute skills with the purpose of finding ways to perfect your sound and to perform better. You will get more control over your instrument. And more control equals better playing.

The Flute Colors book

The Flute Colors book was created by Rogier de Pijper. He discovered that exercising extended techniques has a positive effect on the regular (classical) flute playing.

With this book he shares his findings so everyone can experience the benefits of using extended techniques. The book and the website are created in a way so they can be used by amateurs as well as professionals of all ages and of all experience levels.

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Flutecolors.com website

Integrate extended techniques in your daily studies to improve sound, stimulate abdominal support, enhance aural skills and get a more flexible embouchure.

Flutecolors.com contains background information, instruction videos, notation examples and repertoire on all extended techniques for flute.

A source of (free) information for flutists as well as composers.

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Latest study material

087 Saint-Saëns – Aquarium
This beautiful melody is perfect for practicing tone bending. You can use this piece as an exercise or play the whole piece. All parts are ad lib. except for the first part. The greatest challenge is to get the intonation right!

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Introduce extended techniques to your students with the Flute Colors Workshops.

Flute Colors workshops:

  • for all ages and all levels
  • teachers can join and collaborate
  • introduction to most of the techniques in the book
  • perfect for inspiration
  • for new ways to approach common challenges

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‘I sound like a vacuum cleaner’ – 2 exercises for a purer sound
A ray of sun shines in when I open the front door. It’s Emma, my new student. She’s in her early 40’s and has had many a teacher before me. Today will be her second lesson. We enter the practice room. Before the door has even closed, she heaves a deep sigh. ‘I sound like […]

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