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The Flute Colors book

The Flute Colors book was created by Rogier de Pijper. He discovered that exercising extended techniques has a positive effect on the regular (classical) flute playing.

With this book he shares his findings so everyone can experience the benefits of using extended techniques. The book and the website are created in a way so they can be used by amateurs as well as professionals of all ages and of all experience levels.

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Flutecolors.com website

Integrate extended techniques in your daily studies to improve sound, stimulate abdominal support, enhance aural skills and get a more flexible embouchure.

Flutecolors.com contains background information, instruction videos, notation examples and repertoire on all extended techniques for flute.

A source of (free) information for flutists as well as composers.

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Latest study material

100 Lascia ch’io pianga
Singing and playing really can help you to improve your sound. Once you get the hang of it, you will improve. Remember that only working on the techniques, even if it feels you're unsuccessful, will help you improve. You can adjust the level of this piece. Start by singing and playing simultaneously. Mind the intonation. In the second level sing the second (voice) part and play the flute part. Practise slowly. And for those who need challenge, sing and play the two parts at letter B. After studying the singing and playing, play the piece without singing and notice the difference!

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Introduce extended techniques to your students with the Flute Colors Workshops.

Flute Colors workshops:

  • for all ages and all levels
  • teachers can join and collaborate
  • introduction to most of the techniques in the book
  • perfect for inspiration
  • for new ways to approach common challenges

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