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Multiphonics: more notes – more fun

August 30, 2023

“Your teacher made you play this study, didn’t he?” That was the first question I got after playing two bars of a study by Robert Dick. The study involved a lot of multiphonics and this was my first piece with multiphonics. Well, he was right. My teacher made me study this piece. I didn’t understand […]

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Summer holidays: to study or not to study

July 30, 2023

“Never stop studying. Don’t miss a day. I once didn’t play for a few days and had to start all over again. This is what one of my teachers said when I studied the flute in The Hague. I felt guilty if I missed a study day, even when I had already graduated. After graduating, […]

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Why flute playing is too easy

June 30, 2023

You may feel offended by the title of this blog and in a way I really hope so. Compared to other instruments on the flute, we have very little resistance. Therefore it is relatively easy to get a sound out of the flute. I know it takes longer for some people to create a sound, […]

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How to play fast right – a few tips

May 30, 2023

“I have good news,” is a phrase I often use when teaching or conducting an orchestra, “you play too fast.” It is a fascinating phenomenon that if we have to play fast passages, we tend to panic and play even faster. The results are often sloppy and uncontrolled, you just made it worse… One of […]

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Pizzicato: notation, notation, notation.

April 30, 2023

When I first started the Flute Colors project and preparations for the website, I analyzed a lot of sheet music. I wanted to know how different composers notated the extended techniques. Some notations are very common. For example, the notation of key clicks and harmonics, but for other techniques composers use different ways to make […]

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