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Biting the bullet

December 4, 2019

My new dentist was very clear: ‘Your wisdom teeth must come out!’ My previous dentist had been warning me for seven years that this would need to happen at some point, but I always managed to postpone it as I had been dreading the procedure. Though my teeth weren’t giving me any problems now, I […]

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The perception of perfection

November 14, 2019

Many musicians strive for perfection. Yet what exactly is perfection? Does it even exist? A while ago, one of my collegues brought to my attention a recording of the Prokofiev sonata by a Dutch flutist. She was very excited about it, so I had a listen. Whilst hearing even the very first notes my carefully […]

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Harmonics: the perfect way to work on your sound

October 14, 2019

Every flutist will have to use harmonics. At times we use them deliberately, though occasionally we don’t even realise we are using them at all. Just what are harmonics exactly? How do you recognise them in a piece and how can they be used in your flute studies? That’s what this blog is about. The […]

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Are you a hesitant flute teacher?

October 2, 2019

The flute orchestra is at the ready. The concert is starting in five minutes. Glancing into the auditorium I spot one of my colleagues seated all the way at the back. Even though she had said she would come, it is always nice to see someone actually showing up. I quickly make my way over […]

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Modern playing techniques: deviations, additions or natural explorations?

May 26, 2019

As a child I loved staying with my grandmother for the weekend. She lived in a beautiful big house right across from a small aerodrome. Grandma practically lived in her kitchen, a large square room with a big round table in the middle, overlooking an expansive garden. Waking up on Saturday mornings I would sit […]

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