Flute Colors arrangements

Sheet music with extended techniques for flute

Here you can buy and download sheet music of arrangements with extended techniques for flute.

Variations on well know flute exercises, traditional songs, but also modern pop songs. From Drouet and Bach to Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. Have fun with extended techniques for flute!

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 085 Schubert – Rosamunde

Practise extended techniques with friends. This arrangement of Schubert’s Rosamunde can be played with flute choir (4 C-flutes, alto flute and bass). You can work on wind sounds, singing & playing, tongue stops and jet whistle. A good workout for activating the abdomen, flexible embouchure and a lot more.


 080 Schubert – Ländler

This exercise can help you improve your crescendo and decrescendo technique. By practising wind sounds like this you also practise the movement we make while playing a crescendo or decrescendo. Practise this exercise alongside the original version for the best results.