Flute Colors arrangements

Sheet music with extended techniques for flute

Here you can buy and download sheet music of arrangements with extended techniques for flute.

Variations on well know flute exercises, traditional songs, but also modern pop songs. From Drouet and Bach to Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. Have fun with extended techniques for flute!

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 130 Fun with ‘Geronimo’

Another energetic exercise to start your studies well. The tone bending in this piece challenges you to work on intonation. The pizzicato and tongue stops make your tongue stronger and increases the co-ordination between tongue, fingers and abdomen. And the harmonics will help you get a better sound.


 097 Fun with ‘Coming Home’

Practise your exercises with a little beat. Play along with the song ‘Coming Home’ by Sheppard and get ready for your flute studies. The tone bending and harmonics help you find and improve your sound. The key clicks help to wake up your fingers and the pizzicato helps your tongue to be precise in articulation. And now have fun!