Flute Colors arrangements

Sheet music with extended techniques for flute

Here you can buy and download sheet music of arrangements with extended techniques for flute.

Variations on well know flute exercises, traditional songs, but also modern pop songs. From Drouet and Bach to Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. Have fun with extended techniques for flute!

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 274 Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Be careful, because this tune can very easily become an earworm. It’s a very short tune, but long enough to practice tone bending. It’s a lot of fun to play this tune as a round with other flute players.

Wees voorzichtig, want dit deuntje kan heel gemakkelijk een oorwurm worden. Het is een heel kort liedje, maar lang genoeg om tone bending te oefenen. Het is erg leuk om deze melodie in canon met andere fluitisten te spelen.


 271 Come, Follow Me!

Singing and playing is good for your sound. It relaxes the throat and makes you aware of the space in your mouth and throat. In addition, if you like a challenge, try singing and playing this melody as a round. Start slowly and you’ll see it’s easier than it sounds.

Zingen en spelen is goed voor je klank. Het ontspant de keel en maakt je bewust van de ruimte in je mond en keel. Als je daarnaast van een uitdaging houdt, probeer dan eens deze melodie als een canon te zingen en te spelen. Begin langzaam en je zult zien dat het makkelijker is dan je misschien denkt.


 227 Oh, How Lovely Is The Evening

In the summer many evenings are wonderful. This round is perfect for practicing playing with alternative fingerings to play bamboo tones. Enjoy the soft, weak sounds of the bamboo tones. If there are three players, you can also play this piece as a round.

In de zomer zijn veel avonden vaak heerlijk. Deze canon is perfect om te oefenen met alternatieve grepen om bamboetonen te spelen. Geniet van het zachte, zwakke geluid van de bamboetonen. Als er drie spelers zijn, kun je dit stuk ook als canon spelen.


 221 When A Weary Task

It is always a lot of fun to work on singing and playing. Not only the sound benefits of practicing this technique, it is also a real challenge for coordination.

Het is altijd erg leuk om aan zingen en spelen. Het is niet alleen goed voor het verbeteren van je klank, het is ook een echte uitdaging voor de coördinatie.


 110 Morning is come

For me singing and playing feels magical. Singing and playing two different things at the same time is so much fun. Start with the first variation (first level). Get more challenged with the second variation (medium level) and third variation (difficult). Never a dull moment with this piece!


 052 Fruit Round

Once you start singing this round the energy level increases and you can’t stop singing it. And now you can play it as well the Flute Colors way! The wind sounds make your embouchure very flexible, singing and playing is very good for a lot of things and practising flutter tongue helps you to relax your tongue.


 044 Fun with ‘Viva la Vida’

Practise your skills while playing along with Viva la Vida by Coldplay. Very useful to warm up and to improve the flexibility of your embouchure, sound, aural skills and much more!


 042 Round

What happens if you first play with regular fingerings, then play the harmonics and again play with regular fingerings? There is only one way to find out! Ask some friends to play this piece as a round and have even more fun.


 039 Sâla moet er nu gezaaien zijn (round)

Singing and playing this round all by yourself gives the same feeling as playing the piano while your left hand and right hand play totaly different things. A very useful brain training!