Flute Colors arrangements

Sheet music with extended techniques for flute

Here you can buy and download sheet music of arrangements with extended techniques for flute.

Variations on well know flute exercises, traditional songs, but also modern pop songs. From Drouet and Bach to Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. Have fun with extended techniques for flute!

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 164 Fun with ‘Mistletoe’

Practicing long notes is a good way to warm up. Adding flutter tongue to the note improves your support. This song is also perfect for practicing this multiphonic. What a wonderful feeling when you let those two notes sound at the same time.


 157 Fun with ‘Tick Tock’

It takes days to get this catchy song out of your head. A great song to practice tongue stops, flutter tongue and wind sound.


 156 Ai Vist Lo Lop

This song is about a wolf, a fox and a hare. They are dancing. This arrangement is for four flutes or three flutes and a bass flute. Let the wolf, the fox and the hare dance!


 151 Fun with ‘In the Summertime’

This song is based on a twelve-bar blues pattern. Each letter has a different exercise. If you play this piece in a group, you can combine the pieces (letters) and play at the same time.


 149 Hugot – Duet No. 4

Antoine Hugot was a professor at the Conservatoire in Paris and wrote one of the most important flute methods of his time. He also wrote a few flute duets. In this version of Flute Colors, flutter tongue has been added to increase the support and thereby increase the sound.


 142 Andersen – Study No. 16 – Op. 37

Studies are designed to teach something. You can learn even more by adding extended techniques. Fluttertongue stimulates support to improve your sound and key clicks and pizzicato help you make more precise finger movements in combination with support.


 140 The Rising Sun

Spring has come and the sun will show more of itself. This Irish traditional is all about the rising sun. The flutter tongue gives a little bit of percussive feeling tot he piece. Good for practicing support and for relaxing the tongue.


 La bellezza salverà il mondo (free!)

This piece is an original piece for flute. The composer used several extended techniques in this piece and allowed publishing this piece as a gift to Flute Colors.


 137 Das klinget so herrlich

That sounds so wonderful! And now even more with the wind sounds and flutter tongue added. Make sure the ‘cha’ is very precise in every part for the best effect. Let it sound wonderful.


 136 Fun with ‘React’

You can make this warming up exercise as exciting as you like. Choose your own order of letters and make this exercise different every time you play it.