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Discover new, exciting sound effects with extended techniques for flute.

During this fun and educational online workshop, discover all the possibilities of the flute and how you can integrate it into your daily studies.

For all flutists of all levels, amateur and professional.

Geschikt voor fluitisten van alle niveaus, zowel amateur als professional.

You can try out techniques in your own space without the other participants being able to hear. You can demonstrate, but you don’t have to. There is plenty of room to ask questions.
Do you prefer to listen? No problem!

List of topics:
– support
– embouchure
– intonation
– high register
– technique
– dynamics
– articulations

We will discuss these topics depending on the group and the preference in the group. Exercises with extended techniques such as harmonics, flutter tongue, wind sounds, tone bending, key clicks, sing & play, slap tongue, tongue stops, quartertones, whistle tones, multiphonics and circular breathing.

One day before the workshop you will receive the link to log in.

Such an amazing class...I love having all these tools!

Angela - Participant US

I know the class just finished but my high register is so so clear right now because of all the techniques!!!!

Olivia - Participant US

Excited to try these techniques with my students.  I think even younger students will benefit.  He made them seem so easy.

Mike - Auditor US

€ 29,95

€ 39,95   30% off


  • Live online workshop
  • Possibility to ask questions
  • Recording available afterwards (only for participants)
  • Learn exciting, new techniques
  • Improve your flute skills
  • Fun and educational for amateurs and professionals


Wed Nov 11

Amsterdam New York Los Angeles
18:00 CET 12pm EST 9am PST

Wed Nov 18

Amsterdam New York Los Angeles
03:00 CET 9pm EST 6pm PST

Sat Dec 5

Amsterdam New York Los Angeles
19:00 CET  1pm EST 10am PST