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I’d like to tell you a bit more about Flute Colors.

While studying extended techniques I not only discovered new ways of playing the flute, I also found that studying these techniques increased my control over the instrument. Furthermore, it had a very positive effect on my regular playing technique.

I like you to experience the benefits of studying extended techniques as well. With the Flute Colors magazine you can enjoy four new exercises with extended techniques every month. The magazine also contains a study schedule for studying by subject (sound, articulation, technique, etc) or by difficulty (three levels). Together with the Flute Colors book you even get more study material!

If you like extended techniques then the Flute Colors bundle is definitely something you want to try. The bundle contains:

  • Flute Colors magazine, Single magazine € 6,75. Now 10 magazines per year for € 45,00! With at least four new pieces per edition. Every month new study schedules and you’re the first to read the newest blog.

  • Flute Colors book, € 19,95: paperback book with 112 exercises. For you to make annotations, and it sits beautifully on your music stand 🙂

  • Flute Colors study guide, € 8,00: paperback book with study schedules divided into the following subjects: warming-up, tone, technique and dynamics, articulation, intonation and co-ordination.

BUNDLE DEAL: € 95,45 € 55,00

This bundle is not for sale anywhere else!

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