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The Flute Colors Magazine

What is Flute Colors Magazine?

Flute Colors Magazine is a magazine for practicing extended techniques for flute. When practicing extended techniques you’ll notice that your regular flute playing rapidly improves. Each magazine contains four pieces, a study schedule and a (blog) article. The pieces are arrangements on famous pop songs, traditionals or well known studies, so you can focus on the techniques rather than learning the melodies. Extended techniques are not just for studying.. playing them is also big fun!

Is it for students or teachers?

Both students and teachers can work with the magazine. You can practice individually, or use study in groups. Some arrangements are for flute solo, but there are duets, trios and quartets as well.

How much flute experience do I need?

Extended techniques are for all experience levels and for all ages. In my workshops I work with mixed groups, children, adults, students who play a few months and players with years of flute experience. The pieces in the magazine vary in difficulty. There’s always an easy piece and there are always more challenging pieces.

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16 pages of fun, educational and exciting material with 6 pieces of sheet music for beginners, advanced players, students and teachers.

Flute Colors Magazines are sold separately as well.

Flute Colors Magazine

  • 10x digital Flute Colors magazine right into your mailbox
  • Every month three new, ready to use study schedules
  • Study by subject or work on all flute disciplines
  • Every month at least four new arrangements
  • Study material for yourself and/or for your students
  • Fresh, new way of studying
  • Perfect addition to your conventional studying
  • Be the first to read the newest blog
  • Think out of the box and get more out of your flute playing
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  • 10x digital Flute Colors magazine right into your mailbox
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