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225 Fun with ‘I Ain’t Worried’


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Working on multiphonics is useful for many things. Become aware of the space in your mouth, air pressure, auditory skills. To work on finger movements a bit I’ve added key clicks with and without flute sound and to work on supporting I added harmonics. Relax and practise with an open mind.

Werken aan multiphonics is voor veel dingen nuttig. Word je bewust van de ruimte in je mond, luchtdruk, auditieve vaardigheden. Om wat aan vingerbewegingen te werken heb ik key clicks met en zonder fluitklank toegevoegd en om aan de ademsteun te werken heb ik harmonics toegevoegd. Ontspan en oefen met een open mind.

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Extended techniques for better control

Adding extended techniques to your every day flute studies improves your overall flute control. That's what Flute Colors is all about: having fun with extended techniques to help flutists gain better control!


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Goal of the Flute Colors book is to inspire the flutist to use exented techniques while developing the (regular) flute technique. Each chapter covers one of twelve extended techniques for flute (including multiphonics, circular breathing, tone bending and key clicks) and contains exercises for the beginner as well as the expert.

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