Book Flute Colors – digital PDF


The book contains 112 exercises to improve your flute playing by exented techniques.

Divided into 12 chapters, each chapter covers a technique: Harmonics, Flutterzunge, Wind tones/resudual tones, Tone bending, Key clicks, Sing & play, Pizzicato, Tongue ram, Quartertones & Microtones, Whispertones, Multiphonics and Circular breathing.


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FLUTE COLORS offers you new and fun ways to gain more control over your instrument. Discover how extended techniques can add variety to your flute pieces and help you develop your technique even faster.

Flute Colors is a book for you!

Perfect for individuals and students to gain more control of the flute by practicing extended techniques in daily exercises.

Ideal for teachers who like to offer their students a different approach to recurring challenges.

– Already sold in 15 countries world wide
– FREE example videos for all exercises
– FREE instruction videos for all extended techniques