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Magazine October 2019 (EN)


Flute Colors Magazine nr 6, October 2019.

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Flute Colors Magazine nr 6, October 2019

Flute Colors Magazine is a magazine for practicing extended techniques for flute. When practicing extended techniques you'll notice that your regular flute playing rapidly improves. Each magazine contains four pieces, a study schedule and a (blog) article. The pieces are arrangements on famous pop songs, traditionals or well known studies, so you can focus on the techniques rather than learning the melodies. Extended techniques are not just for studying.. playing them is also big fun!

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Fun with 'Only Human', The Jonas Brothers
  • Allegro, W.A. Mozart
  • Blog: Tone Bending - Mind Bending
  • Study schedule
  • The Foggy Foggy Dew, Traditional
  • Carnaval de Venice, Traditional
  • Workshops & Concerts