Flute Colors arrangements

Sheet music with extended techniques for flute

Here you can buy and download sheet music of arrangements with extended techniques for flute.

Variations on well know flute exercises, traditional songs, but also modern pop songs. From Drouet and Bach to Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. Have fun with extended techniques for flute!

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 177 Popp – Study No. 6, Op. 205

A technique often used in music for solo flute is the combination of melody and accompaniment by one player. To practice this technique, often used in Baroque music and in the Romantic period, I have arranged this study and added wind sounds to make the difference between the two musical lines clearer.


 147 Kummer – Study 25, Op. 29-2

I like wind sounds, especially alternated with regular flute sound. The feeling of flexibility and freedom cannot be described. If you play a traditional flute piece after practicing this flexibility exercise, it will be with much more control.


 115 Adagio

Every bow needs a bit of decrescendo. The best way to practise this is by playing wind sounds. By moving your lower lip forward you gradually go from regular sound to wind sound. An excellent workout for practising decrescendo.


 056 Andersen – Study No. 3, Op. 41

In this arrangement we use the wind sounds to practise decrescendi. Playing from regular sound to wind sound gradually is a true workout for practising the decrescendo movement of the embouchure. Once you practise your decrescendi like this, the regular ones will be very easy!


 043 Hugues – Study No. 30, Op. 101

This Flute Colors arrangement of a study by Luigi Hugues helps you to improve the co-ordination between fingers, tongue and abdomen. After practising this arrangement your legato playing will be better and the finger movement will be more precise.


 032 Köhler – Study 1, Op. 33 – 1

Practising harmonics can help you develop embouchure control, aural skills, better legato playing, better air control and support. That’s quite a lot. So have fun with this Flute Colors arrangement of the study by Köhler!


 027 Drouet – Adagio Cantabile

Practising wind sound helps you to develop the movement you need to play a controled crescendo and decrescendo. It also is useful to make your embouchure very flexibel and it helps you to improve your sound.


 025 Reichert: Daily exercises Op. 5, No. 2

New variation on the daily exercises Op. 5 by Reichert


 014 Boehm – 12 Studies Op. 15 – No. 2

Become a true master of this study by Theobald Boehm with this version. Using harmonics to improve your playing.


 004 Drouet – 25 studies – No. 2

Never a dull moment with this variation on a study by Louis Drouet. Very useful too! Improve your skills even faster.