Flute Colors arrangements

Sheet music with extended techniques for flute

Here you can buy and download sheet music of arrangements with extended techniques for flute.

Variations on well know flute exercises, traditional songs, but also modern pop songs. From Drouet and Bach to Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. Have fun with extended techniques for flute!

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 273 Fun with ‘Multicolor’

This exercise focuses entirely on multiphonics. I chose three and built it up gradually. You can first practice a little with both sounds of a multiphonic separately and then combine them. The multiphonics used in this exercise work best when you play them very softly.

Deze oefening richt zich volledig op multiphonics. Ik heb er drie uitgekozen en geleidelijk opgebouwd. Je kunt eerst een beetje oefenen met beide tonen van een multiphonic afzonderlijk en ze vervolgens combineren. De multiphonics die in deze oefening worden gebruikt, werken het beste als je ze heel zacht speelt.


 198 Fun with ‘Run’

Normally you are free to choose the way of playing key clicks in Flute Colors arrangements. But in this arrangement it is a little different. The fingers to play the key clicks are indicated. This way this exercise becomes an exercise for the coordination of the fingers. Training the independence of the fingers.

Normaal gesproken ben je vrij om zelf de manier te kiezen om de key clicks in Flute Colors arrangementen te spelen, maar in dit arrangement is dat net even anders. De vingers om de key clicks te spelen zijn aangegeven. Zo wordt deze oefening een oefening voor het trainen van de onafhankelijkheid van de vingers.


 080 Schubert – Ländler

This exercise can help you improve your crescendo and decrescendo technique. By practising wind sounds like this you also practise the movement we make while playing a crescendo or decrescendo. Practise this exercise alongside the original version for the best results.


 059 Aubert – Contrefeseur

Nothing is what it seems in this Flute Colors arrangement. The harmonics are notated with two notes. The diamond shaped notes indicate the fingering one should use and the high note is the note that should sound. Very useful to work on your aural skills, support and working with vowels. You can play with or without accompaniment.


 058 Colorful Scales – Tone bending

Color your scales with Flute Colors. Tone bending helps you to develop your aural skills and are very useful to work on your sound. Try to make each tone a semi-tone lower just by adjusting the airspeed and by moving your arms and head. A real workout!


 055 Colorful Scales – Sing & play

Color your scales with extended techniques. Adding singing and playing to your scale study is very useful for working on sound, improving your aural skills, stimulating abdominal support and becoming aware of tension in your throat. You can play along with the accompaniment in 12 keys.


 051 Mama (play along)

Warming up with Flute Colors and the song ‘Mama’ by Jonas Blue. A very good way to start your daily routine. Very good exercise to make your embouchure more flexible, improving your sound and improving aural skills.


 015 Fun with ‘My way’

Warming up using extended techniques. Also useful as an introduction to extended techniques and playing along with ‘My way’ by Calvin Harris just for fun!


 011 Fun with ‘This is what you came for’

Warming up using extended techniques. Also useful as an introduction to extended techniques and playing along with This is what you came for by Rihanna just for fun!