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Bamboo tones

Have fun with extended techniques! Using them also gives you better flute control!

Bamboo tones in short:

Bamboo tones are flute tones produced with different fingerings to get a different timbre. They sound like tones of a bamboo flute. Different fingerings can be used to play the bamboo tones.


Bamboo tones are written like regular notes with different fingerings. Mostly the alternative fingerings are written above or below the note like this:

Piccolo - alto flute - bass flute

This technique can be used on all flutes.

Composer information

This technique is easy to realize as a seperate technique. It becomes more difficult if alternated with regular sound very quickly. Still for advanced and professional players it will be easy to perform. Always make sure the fingerings are added in the score or in the appendix, because most fingerings are not common to all flute players.


Here you can download a fingering chart with Bamboo tones from E4 to C6.

Download fingering chart (PDF) for a flute with closed keys (can also be used for flute with open holes).


Here you can listen to one of the Flute Colors arrangements with bamboo tones.