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Bamboo tones

All there is to know about Bamboo tones

About Bamboo tones

Bamboo tones are flute tones produced with different fingerings to get a different timbre. They sound like tones of a bamboo flute. The fingerings of quartertones/microtones can be used.

Flute Colors: having fun with extended techniques
to help flutists gain better control

Flute Colors: having fun with extended techniques
to help flutists gain better control

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Adding extended techniques like Bamboo tones to your every day flute studies improves your overall flute control.

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Bamboo tones are written like regular notes with different fingerings. Mostly the alternative fingerings are written below the note like this:


This technique can be used on all flutes.



General:   Becomes more difficult:
This technique is easy to realize as a seperate technique.   If alternated with regular sound very quickly.


The fingerings that are to be used for playing bamboo tones are not very common for most flutists. Therefor please notate the fingering above the note in the score.


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