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Flutter tongue

Have fun with extended techniques! Using them also gives you better flute control!

Flutter tongue in short:

Flutter tongue is a tonguing technique in which performers flutter their tongue to make a characteristic ‘Frrrr’ sound.


Sometimes composers use little stripes on the stems if they want the performer to use flutter tongue.

Sometimes composer just write ‘fl.‘ of ‘flz.‘ in the score.

Piccolo - alto flute - bass flute

This technique can be used on all flutes.

Composer information

This technique is quite easy to realize as a separate technique. Flutter tongue can be used on the whole range of the flute. At higher notes and if the flute player has to play flutter tongue for a longer period of time, it becomes a bit more difficult. Not every flute player is able to roll the ‘r’. For professional flute players it shouldn’t be a problem.

Flute players

Studying flutter tongue on the flute is useful for:
– Opening the throat
– Relaxing the tongue


Here you can listen to a short example of flatterzunge. I’m playing Mei by Fukushima.

Another example. This Flute Colors arrangement includes flutter tongue.