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Jet whistle

All there is to know about Jet whistle

About Jet whistle

Jet whistle is a forcefull and loud attack of air. It might be associated with the starting of a jet plane, that’s why they are called Jet whistle

Flute Colors: having fun with extended techniques
to help flutists gain better control

Flute Colors: having fun with extended techniques
to help flutists gain better control

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Adding extended techniques like Jet whistle to your every day flute studies improves your overall flute control.

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Although composers use different notations for the jetwhistle, they all use the arrow or curved line.

or Start with low energy and increase the airspeed
or Start with a lot of energie and decrease the airstreem

The arrow or curve is most important. The shape of the note is sometimes different. Here you find some possibilities.

Some composers use this notation.
Some composers use this notation.


Studying jetwhistle on the flute is useful for:
– Stimulate abdominal support
– Co-ordination tongue and abdomen


This technique can be used on all flutes.



General:   Becomes a bit more difficult:
This technique is quite easy to realize as a seperate technique.  
  • at the end of a frase (and breathing)
  • if alternated with regular sound quickly.



Composer: Title: Album: Publisher: Other techniques:
Holliger, Heinz *1939 “(t)air(e)” Flute solo 2 Ars Viva Verlag (AVV 133) Whispertones, Windtones, Sing & play, Keyclicks, Slap tongue, Quartertones
Offermans, Wil *1957 Studie no. 9: Diverse For the contemporary flutist Flute solo 3 Zimmermann
(ZM 29700)
Windtones, Keyclicks
Wagendristel, Alexander *1965 Three dances Flute update Flute solo 3 Walter Wretschitsch & Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien Multiphonics, Harmonics, Windtones, Keyclicks, Flatterzunge, Slap tongue


Author: Title: Publisher: Techniques:
Levine, Carin &
Mitropoulos-Bott, Christina
The techniques of flute playing Bärenreiter Whistletones, Multiphonics, Harmonics, Windtones, Sing & play, Keyclicks, Flatterzunge, Glissando/tonebending, Slap tongue, Quartertones, Trumpet embouchure

Sound example

Here you can listen to a short example of a Jet whistle.