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Jet whistle

Have fun with extended techniques! Using them also gives you better flute control!

Jet whistle in short:

Jet whistle is a forcefull and loud attack of air. It might be associated with the starting of a jet plane, that’s why they are called Jet whistle


Although composers use different notations for the jetwhistle, they all use the arrow or curved line.

The arrow/line up means: start with low energy and increase the airspeed.

The arrow/line down means: start with a lot of energy and decrease the airstream.

The arrow or curve is the most important. The shape of the note is sometimes different. Here you will find some options.

Piccolo - alto flute - bass flute

This technique can be used on all flutes but is most effective on the lower tones of the flute, alto flute and bass flute.

Composer information

This technique can easily be realized as a separate technique. It becomes more difficult at the end of a phrase (and breath) and when it alternates quickly with traditional sound.

Flute players

Studying jetwhistle on the flute is useful for:
– Stimulation abdominal support
– Coordination tongue and abdomen


Here you can listen to a short example of jetwhistle.

Another example. This Flute Colors arrangement includes jetwhistles.