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Trumpet embouchure

All there is to know about Trumpet embouchure

About Trumpet embouchure

For this technique we don’t use the regular ‘flute embouchure’ but an embouchure rather used for the trumpet. By combining lip tension, air pressure and resonating spaces the tone is produced.

Flute Colors: having fun with extended techniques
to help flutists gain better control

Flute Colors: having fun with extended techniques
to help flutists gain better control

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Adding extended techniques like Trumpet embouchure to your every day flute studies improves your overall flute control.

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Composers use different notations to indicate the use of Trumpet Embouchure. Always check the index of a piece.

Here are some examples of notation.

Sometimes a composer writes ‘Trumpet attack’ above this notation.
Trumpet embouchure while exhaling.
Trumpet embouchure while inhaling.


Studying trumpet embouchure is useful for:
– Support


This technique can be used on all flutes.



General:   Becomes more difficult:
This technique is quite easy to realize on the body of the flute when using low notes.  
  • if alternated quickly with regular sound
  • on higher notes
  • on the head joint
  • long passages it is very exhausting


  • Only effective on low notes when used the body of the flute.
  • This technique is very exhausting for the embouchure.


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Gergely, Ittzés (*1969) Mr. Dick is thinking in terms of a blues-pattern Flute solo 3 www.ittzesgergely.com Multiphonics, Harmonics, Sing & play, Slap tongue
Holliger, Heinz (*1939) Sonate (in)solit(air)e Flute solo 3 Schott (FTR 175) Windtones, Multiphonics, Harmonics, Sing & play, Glissando/tonebending, Slap tongue, Quartertones


Author: Title: Publisher: Techniques:
Levine, Carin / Mitropoulos-Bott, Christina The techniques of flute playing Bärenreiter Whistletones, Multiphonics, Harmonics, Windtones, Sing & play, Jetwistle, Keyclick, Flatterzunge, Glissando/tonebending, Slap tongue, Quartertone,